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Here’s a sample list of recent candidates we’ve worked with. Fill out the form below if you’re interested in any talent listed, or if you’re interested in conducting a custom search.

Position LevelLocation(s) Available to Work InIndustry Experience
Chief EngineerSouthern USA3 Years
Chief EngineerAnywhere21 Years
Chief EngineerCO7 Years
Chief EngineerVA or Southern USA32 Years
Chief EngineerTX10 Years
Chief EngineerCA or Southern USA6 Years
GMWestern USA or TX12 Years
GMMA9 Years
GMAnywhere7 Years
GMSoutheast18 Years
GMSouthern USA33 Years
GMNorthwest12 Years
GMWestern USA or FL27 Years
GMCA30 Years
GMVA or MD9 Years
GMCA7 Years
GMNY or Southern USA19 Years
GMAnywhere8 Years
GMSouthern USA17 Years
GMNC21 Years
GMAnywhere12 Years
GMTN or Southern USA11 Years
GMAnywhere24 Years
Maintenance TechnicianCO3 Years
Maintenance TechnicianIL3 Years
Maintenance TechnicianAnywhere7 Years
Maintenance TechnicianSouthern USA6 Years
Plant ManagerWestern USA or TX12 Years
Plant ManagerAnywhere10 Years
Plant ManagerAnywhere8 Years
Plant ManagerOH15 Years
Plant ManagerAnywhere25 Years
Plant ManagerCA/OR/WA3 Years
Plant ManagerCA13 Years
Plant ManagerAnywhere19 Years
Plant ManagerAnywhere1 Year
Sales ManagerCA5 Years
Sales ManagerSouthern USA31 Years
Sales ManagerCA17 Years
Sales ManagerCA24 Years
Sales ManagerCA15 Years
Sales ManagerNY20 Years
Service ManagerNew England5 Years
Service ManagerNY/CT/MA11 Years
Service ManagerNew England16 Years
Service ManagerNV15 Years
Service ManagerCA31 Years
Service ManagerCA37 Years
Service ManagerCA24 Years
Service ManagerCT5 Years
Service ManagerCA6 Years
Service ManagerSoutheast17 Years
Service ManagerOH14 Years
Service ManagerCA1 Year
Service ManagerNew England23 Years
VP OperationsEastern USA15 Years
VP OperationsAnywhere6 Years
VP OperationsAnywhere17 Years
VP OperationsFL22 Years
VP SalesAnywhere10 Years
VP SalesPA to SC3 Years
VP SalesAZ16 Years

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Our Process:

  1. Determine Your Needs:
    This is the first and most important step. It is essential that we fully understand your recruiting needs, including but not limited to experience, technical skills, communication, personality, and any other specific nuances important to you. We will also discuss salary range and time frames within which you want to work. We can also work with you to develop a job description for the new role. Our goal up front is to fully understand and appreciate your talent needs.
  2. Search For Candidates:
    During this stage, we conduct a thorough search for qualified candidates. We use all resources available to us including our active candidate list, industry and career portals, social media, advertising, our extensive internal database of over 5,000 industry contacts, and our network of industry professionals and leaders.
  3. Screen and Interview:
    We then create a “short list” of highly qualified candidates and conduct detailed screenings of these candidates. We ask challenging questions to assess the candidate’s qualifications as well as the candidate’s readiness to accept a new position. The interviewing stage is our strength and our recruiter’s industry experience is an enormous advantage. We recognize that our reputation rests on the quality of the candidates that we submit.
  4. Introduce Candidates:
    We present you with a candidate’s resume and our profile and assessment of the candidate, along with their expectations. We will answer any questions you may have about any of the candidates, and we’ll work quickly to set up and coordinate the interview process for any of our candidates you choose to pursue further.
  5. Support the Interview Process:
    We will work with you to support the end-to-end interviewing process – from the initial phone screen to the onsite interview to the job offer acceptance. We recognize that every client handles this process a little differently, and we will work within your company’s preferences to make the process as easy for you as possible.
  6. Offer Stage:
    We will work with both the client and the candidate to prepare each side for the offer stage. This is an important part of the process that is often overlooked, and our process increases the likelihood of offer acceptance.
  7. Guarantee:
    Per the terms of our agreement, we offer a placement guarantee. If a hired candidate does not work out for any reason during the guarantee period, the replacement candidate is recruited free of charge.

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